How do we measure success? It appears it is all about feelings. If it feels good it must be right and successful. 052411 LETTERS 1 Peninsula Clarion How do we measure success? It appears it is all about feelings. If it feels good it must be right and successful.
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Change might not feel good

How do we measure success? It appears it is all about feelings. If it feels good it must be right and successful.

A few weeks ago, most of us felt great upon receiving news Osama bin Laden was dispatched. (a trapper term when a live animal is killed after being caught in a trap). We feel good about his death, but what changes?

We elected President Obama in the hope for change. He makes us feel good. I expect he will be re-elected. He makes us feel good. What changes?

We talk about term limits for our politicians. We continue to vote for the incumbent, because they make us feel good. Nothing changes when we measure things on how we feel.

In the banking industry those banks "too big to fail" hired agencies to review their books. They made us all feel good about the banking practices right up to their collapse.

Over the last several weeks we have heard about the great success of our hospital based on how the patients feel. While I salute the people in the trenches delivering the care, the management receives the praise. (Clarion opinion May 15, 2011).

But are feelings the best way to measure success? In the fall of 2009 the Hospital Service Area Board recommended an independent operational audit of CPH. It was rejected by the Borough Assembly. They took the easy way out. The result of an independent operational audit might not make them feel good.

We need to measure success at our hospital by having an independent operational audit so the employees delivering the care can speak honestly about the care they are giving without fear of retaliation by management.

Martin Luther said it best: "Feelings come and feelings go, and feelings are deceiving. . ."

Ray Southwell, Nikiski



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